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Practice Improvement Toolkit

The person who knows the most about your practice is you. We can provide you with an analytical tool, which you can learn very quickly, to determine how best to improve your practice. There is no charge for this toolkit.

Practice Boosters: $500

After speaking to one another and using your new toolkit, the next step will be a practice booster for under $500. Using Skype, we simply identify a doable objective and go right to work. We will get immediate results. 

While working together successfully we will develop trust and see how compatible we are. After our first success, we can discuss options for your practice expansion/ improvement. 

Pay only after you are satisfied

For the introductory programs that we offer, you only pay us upon completion and only if you are delighted. In other words, as we get to know one another, you do not risk losing a dime. Also, if we start with phone based mini-programs, you will not incur travel expenses or doctor down-time. If this approach appeals to you, just call Cara or Sara at (970)­-259- 0128 to set up your free consultations.

1: NEW PATIENTS AND YOUR ONLINE REPUTATION: If you’re interested in boosting you number of new patients consider investigating your online reputation. In the past year the online reputation rules for dentists have changed dramatically.

Here is what has changed. Most potential patients in search of a dentist now perform a Google search, typing in “Dentist in [your town].” Within the search results there is a list of seven dentists in the Google Maps area. These are the results that stand out the most to patients. These seven search results in the Maps section include your Google testimonials. Patients will choose the dentist with the most and best testimonials. If you’re not positioned well with these testimonials you are pretty much out of the game. 

We can help position you as teh top dentist in your area by helpinyou get authentic testimonials from your patients. 

2. MORE NEW QUALITY PATIENTS: As dental consultants we boost the quantity and quality of new patients by using some of the methods described below.  Your dental practice is unique and we can help you choose the appropriate ways to increase the number of new dental patients.  Your dental practice website must be optimized for google searches so patients can find you when they search for a "dentist" in your city or town. Your website needs to be "dental marketing" appropriate.  This means that it has to be more about the patients' needs than a description of you and your dental practice. Because the field of dentistry is highly competetive, it a tough job to get the internet working for you. But once your dental internet marketing is optimized, you will see a significant difference. 

3. MORE LARGE CASES: We help you get larger dental cases by creating a synergy between advertising and the internet. This will provide a steady flow of patients who need: sedation (large-case...phobic patients), implants, implant supported dentures, cosmetic treatment, treatment for sleep apnea, etc. General dentists now get referrals from other dentists, MDs, chiropractors, plastic surgeons, etc. You can also get patients referred to you from periodontists, endodontists, orthodontists and oral surgeons.

4. THE CASE ACCEPTANCE PROBLEM SOLVED! In the present economic environment patients who need more than a crown often need to use credit cards or other resources. Today, you and your staff need the skills to get case acceptance with any and all patients who have financial difficulties. We have cracked the barrier to case acceptance. We have overcome the “money problem” by developing a non-sales approach that motivates the patient so much that they work hard to find the necessary financing. We train and apprentice you and your staff to get case acceptance with patients who don’t have the money for treatment.

5. WE’RE NOT CONSULTANTS…WE ARE WORKING INVESTORS: We work with you and your staff 5 or 6 times a week! We are so confident in our ability to help improve your practice that we are often paid as working investors. This means that we can be paid based on the improvement in your gross income! Thus, to get a large increase in your practice and a large return on our investment, we will work long hours to get the job done. Talking to you once per week just doesn't cut it.

GET ON OUR WAITING LIST NOW: Because of our success, we are only taking on new practice owners who have been referred by one of our clients. If you don't know one of our clients, feel free to call anyway and we will help you get prepared to utilize a consulting firm. Beware of any consulting firm who wants more than a month's fee up front. If you know or have been referred by one of our clients then first we need to speak to you at "no charge". If we can help you, we can start slowly with a small inexpensive project. 

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