Expanding practices for 20 years

Dentistry is somewhat unique in that patients feel they need dentistry but don't desire it. What would happen if desire were present?

Join Dr. Tomczak in the two short presentations below to see how desire for dentistry is created

27 Consultation topics

  • Coupon Services and Converting Shoppers:




    Living Social


    Angie's List

  • Print Advertising:


    Newspaper display ads


    Newspaper Columns


    Newspaper classified ads


    Magazine ads


    Telephone book Yellow Pages

  • Radio / TV:


    Radio ads


    Radio interviews


    TV ads




    TV news interviews

  • Internet:


    Search engine optimization


    Send Facebook users to your home page


    Get patients who view your site to call







    Welcome Wagon


    Zoc Doc

  • Direct Promotion:


    Letters to recover former patients


    Direct mail


    Email blasting

  • Recovering Patients:


    Prevention of calling patients to many times


    Effective phone messages


    Using patients phone calls to build relationships

Have you been referred to us?

For the past 20 years, we have helped our dental clients expand their practices. Because of our success, we are only taking on new practice owners who have been referred by one of our clients. If you don't know one of our clients, feel free to call anyway and we will steer you in the right direction. If you know or have been referred by one of our clients we first need to speak at "no charge" to you. If we can help you, we can start slowly with a small inexpensive project.

Practice boosters for under $1000!

After speaking to one another, the next step will be a small practice booster for under $1,000. It's not necessary for us to visit your practice. Now, using Skype, we simply identify an immediate and doable objective and go right to work over the phone. We will get immediate results. In the process, while working together we will see how compatible we are. After success, we then need to speak about how much you want to expand and how you want to improve your practice.

Pay only after you are satisfied

For the introductory programs that we offer, you only pay us upon completion and only if you are delighted. In other words, as we get to know one another, you do not risk losing a dime. Also, if we start with phone based mini-programs, you will not incur travel expenses or doctor down-time. If this approach appeals to you, just call Cara or Laurie at (970)­-259- 0128 to set up your free consultations.


What could be more important than getting onto the first page of local web searches for a dentist? While consulting to dentists, many have told me that they have been disappointed with the search engine optimization (SEO) specialist that they hired. They said that their practice is not showing up on the first page of a search and they are worried. They often tell me that they are not doing anything to solve this. They feel betrayed because they paid good money and trusted the SEO firm.

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Can Auto-messaging Backfire?

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Practices are now sending automatic e-mails and text messages to patients.  In the beginning it seems to work. But now, some of these practices have told me that more of their patients are not returning their calls.  I suspect that some offices are using auto-messaging too much.  If this could be happening to you, I would like to hear from you and brainstorm about this.

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Braces for daughter

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How To Position Yourself in a Positive Way

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Getting phobic patients to arrive is often accomplished because a family member urges them to call to make an appointment.  Often these patients need considerable dental treatment and they tend to break their first appointment. Once again the same family member often comes to the rescue by encouraging the patient to actually keep their appointment. Your advertising can be addressed to this loving and caring family member.

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Getting Important Patients to Return Your Calls

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Roughly speaking, this is what happens in the recovery of patients who have dropped away or who are just not scheduled. First, a call is made and if the patient isn't reached a message is left. Not leaving a message is not a good idea. The patient's name is then put into a reminder system so he/she is called back in, say, one week. If the patient does not respond, a second call is made. The nature of the second message that is left must be very, very different than the first message.

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