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Are you interested in expanding the

implant supported denture side of your practice?

If We Have Referred You An Implant Denture Case Then...

We want to send you more patients at our expense because:

1. We have successfully completed a marketing study on implant denture patients for your area.

2. We have concluded that, at our expense, we can refer a huge number of implant denture patients to a new client. 

Please don't confuse us with a referral service.  Any patients we send you now or in the future will be at NO CHARGE.

We are a consulting firm with 30 years of experience in case acceptance for large cases. Our clients include periodontists, prosthodontists and general dentists who want to make the transition to larger cases. 

We Are Unique Because We Pay Our Own Way.

Unlike other consultants who require money upfront, we first send you patients at no charge to get to know you. Then, if we decide to work together, we pay our own way by sending you 24-48 implant denture patients (over two to four years) while we help your practice grow dramatically. These patients that we send to you are at our expense and more than cover our consulting fees. 

So, if you would like to increase the implant denture side of your practice, consider letting us send you some patients.  We will work on the case acceptance together. We will both get a feel for what we each bring to the table.  

1. You are offering to send me several implant denture cases at no charge. What's the catch? 

a. There is a catch. We want to get to know you by discussing the cases we send to you.

b. For the patients we send to you, we need your agreement to briefly meet with us before and after each patient so we can help you with case acceptance. 

2. How do you help me with case acceptance? 

Because we speak to the patient before and after your examination about their personal, dental and financial concerns, we can: 

a. Give your staff valuable feedback on how the patient responded to the first call. 

b. Give you valuable feedback on how the patient responded to your treatment presentation. 

c. Give your financial coordinator valuable feedback on how the patient responded to the financial presentation.

d. If the patient does not accept treatment, then we can often act as a fail safe and get the patient to accept treatment.  

3. If we work together in the future, how much can my practice expand and how long will it take? 

a. We are looking for prospective clients who can handle a quarter to half-million dollar expansion. 

b. Practice expansions take between 1-4 years.  

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